Strange Sweets — a good place to Nerd around


Today we went to a shop in Reading that has more varieties of M&Ms than most Walmarts. (Or maybe it just seemed that way since it’s been ages that I’ve been in a Walmart!)

The shop is Strange Sweets, at 12 Harris Arcade in Reading. 

Iain — my Scottish sugar provider — has long been supplying me with Nerds, which he claimed to have found in an American candy store in Reading. Today I saw the source. They are kept behind glass, as you would expect of any good quality Nerd, let alone multiple varieties. And I learned an interesting tidbit about importing Nerds, which is that the neon ones are imported from Australia! How bizarre! The rest are sourced from Nerd farms in America. The copious Nerds are located near some Aussie sweets (Tam Tams, I believe?), which are located near boxes of Lucky Charms. Oh, delight! 

The shop also offers loads of colas, Purbeck ice cream, a fair supply of Butterfingers, Hersheys and any other childhood sweetie you might have your tummy’s heart set on. All manner of American and Australian candies, it seems. And the wonderful bit about it is that the shop caters not just to Americans, Aussies or other sugar-fixed foreigners, but to a wide variety of people whose tastebuds have been tempted by the treats of far-off lands. Pretty cool! Thumbs up to the fine folks at Strange Sweets:


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