Faster than a crawling bus on Bath Road


Judging by my morning commute, I am either incredibly fast or the traffic was a bit slow. I managed to walk the length of Prospect Park just as fast as the 2A bus drove it.

Wait a second… This just in:

We currently have delays on Vitality 1 and 2 and yellow 26 due to congestion on Bath Road.

That’s the word from Reading Buses, who instead of driving the bus have been posting on Facebook — albeit eight hours ago. That’s cool. I am not ordinarily a technology person, but I can imagine having a mobile phone with Facebook capability, and sitting on the No 2A bus this morning as a girl half-walks and occasionally sprints beside the bus. Now she’s in the lead, now it’s us, back and forth. Who will win, nobody knows. Maybe this would be good for the bookies, you think to yourself. And then you find out on mobile Facebook that there is another explanation for this would-be Supergirl. Thanks, Bath Road, for ruining my odds at early retirement, you sigh with dejection.

In other bus news, has anyone else seen those new units attached to some of the bus stops in town? I think they are meant to let you know with electronic accuracy when the next bus will arrive. How exciting! I shall put a word in to the Facebook bus folk and see what I can suss out…


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