Why I shop at Asda at night (or, whoopsie!)

  1. Weightwatchers bacon and leek quiche (x3 — freezer food), 20p, down from £1
  2. Rainbow stirfry, 20p, down from £1
  3. Wedge of Asda Extra Special Parmigiano Reggiano, 25p, down from £2.43
  4. Sun-dried tomoato cous cous, 25p, down from £1.50
  5. Tikka chicken breast 8 slices, 25p, down from £2
  6. Tender leaf salad, 10p, down from £1
  7. Mushroom medley (button, chestnut, oyster and shiitake mushrooms with parsley), 10p, down from £1
  8. Inspired peeled potatoes, 20p, down from 60p
  9. Activa pouring yogurt, 30p, down from £1.98
  10. *Asda gift wrap, 2p, down from 14p *(Christmas clearance, so this doesn’t really go with the food finds)
  11. Massaman chicken curry with sticky rice, 25p, down from £2.28
  • Massaman: Coconut curry sauce topped with layers of jasmine rice, marinated chicken breast strips and roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes with basil, mint and coriander

I suppose you could say I go to Asda at night because otherwise I would never spring for the Massaman, let alone have any idea what it is!

Admittedly today’s shop presented an extraordinary array of lucky dips. I love hunting in the “whoopsie” section as it is known because you very often can find amazingly discounted deals, and often on healthy foods. When there are large quantities of the same product marked whoopsies, the key is to linger around, in anticipation of a refrigerated stock market crash, and roam the aisles until perhaps prices fall further still. My best all-time find must be the six-pack yogurts that I got up in Scotland one night for 1p each.

Respectable hunters take care not to run over the poor Asda/Tesco/Sainsbury’s/Morrison’s/etc. employee who has been given the worst job, which is delegating out the yellow stickers. S/he is often circled like prey. I try to stand back at least a couple of feet, but I have seen some people do quite a job of cornering them. You’d think it was a big fish spotting a little salmon; actually, that big fish might be your grandma, and grandma wants salmon! Indeed, we must feel a bit of sympathy for the poor Asda star thrown by the universe into this sea of yellow-stickered terror. I can but assume that it is somewhat like being the newest person to work at Chuck E. Cheese, only in that role they force you to be the mouse and dance. Ah, memories.

I have always wanted to thank the shops that are willing to admit day’s end defeat by discounting so many foods.  No doubt more people are turning to the whoopsies for a bit of luxury and necessity which they may not otherwise be able to easily afford. The sticker may say whoopsie, but the satisfaction of a good hunt makes you want to say whoopsie whoopee!


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  1. I too have been lured into the world of yellow-stickered Whoopsies by the Queen Reveller. There has been much exciting cheapness found over the years but none more so than the past few weeks of post-Christmas chocolate bargains. Wheeling a cart of 75% off selection boxes, candy canes, cocoa bells, dusty balls and whatnots around Wilkinsons will be hard to top…!

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