Free swimming in Reading and across the UK


Hello Revellers!

Don’t swim past this swishy not-so-fishy deal… Free swimming in Reading! The offer has been on for a while, but it remains too good to pass up.

To swim for free, you can either head straight to your bathtub, or… Get a cap off a 500ml or 750ml bottle of Schweppes Abbey Well. Now, I had to scour my bit of Reading a bit to find this particular product, so I’ll let you in on the secret. You can find it at Asda! But not in the bottled water section. Instead, check the “impulse purchase” coolers by the tills. I had previously looked also at two Tescos and somewhere else I think, but to no obvious avail. I really wanted to get like a 24-pack of the bottles– and become a lifetime free swimmer — but I was just lucky to find the single unit.

Disclosure: I believe the bottle cost about 52p or something, but the swim itself is definitely free!

I’d recommend phoning the pools before turning up in your mankini, however, as they may only honour the voucher during certain sessions, and these may differ from those on the website. That was the impression I got when asking a slightly uncertain employee at Rivermead. In fact, the day I turned up, the pool was already closed. So don’t be a silly Reveller like me — wear a lifejacket and don’t mess with dolphins!

Hop in the pool for free at these Reading pools:

Enjoy free swimming across Berkshire:

  • Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centres
  • Ramada Newbury, Elcot Park
  • Basingstoke and Dean Community Leisure Trust
  • Basingstoke Aquadrome (now that’s what I call impressive nomenclature!)

Free swim! Free swim! Free swim! Now I’m starting to grasp the marketability for Schwim!


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