No such thing as a problem


Yesterday was a long day. We had a big reshuffle at work. But when I started my system, I discovered I only had shortcuts, and not the client files I had been working on. Disaster? Potentially. But, thankfully not. The files were retrieved after I logged on at my old desk, now home to a sympathetic colleague who had experienced the same near disaster. Both of our hearts had been practically sunk before we’d even had the first cup of chocomilk.

We all know what it’s like to face frustration. IT, relocation, recessionary pressure, etc. Changing from print media to digital has provided its share of confusion over the last month. Mainly, I love the new direction. At work and home, I actively read and think over the new skills that I am acquiring. I put them to work by developing this blog. Perhaps this feverish passion sometimes gets the better of me, though. Yesterday, for example, I nearly had a mental crash by day’s end.

Then I saw something which reminded me that learning how to articulate online will never compare to the fundamental challenges other people experience. In the span of a half hour, I saw three people with guide dogs navigating a dark sidewalk, the train station and a busy pedestrian crossing. How can they do that? Such a simple question to ask. But how can they walk in dark? With patience, steadiness, trust and perseverance, they each moved forward.

Today, my Irish friend Mary, who, like me, is also having an interesting time sorting out her new life direction, said with simplicity: “Patrice, there is no such thing as a problem. There is only our response.”

We were talking about customer service, or perhaps the rising and setting of the sun, and everyone it touches.


About revelinreading

I'm here to share stories about life in Reading, Berkshire -- a lovely wee town in south-east England. Reading is located in the heart of the Thames Valley, a thriving area for regional and international commerce. In my blog, I'll talk about area news and developments. I'll also scout out some of the best spots for dining and entertainment. Let's get ready to revel in Reading!

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