Going for gold at Electric Salon


Who wouldn’t want to add a bit of gold to their locks?

I’m not talking about going blonde, as such, but treating your tresses to a healthy dose of 22 carat gold mixed with hair-strengthening keratin.

Women and men of all hair types have begun trying the new service, called KeraStraight. It’s a “Brazilian blow-dry” that has samba-ed its way into the trendiest salons this side of the Atlantic. That includes the sleek and inviting Electric Salon, 6-12 Kings Road, Reading.

The benefits of KeraStraight? Smoother, straighter, shinier hair. Easier to manage locks. A touch that is noticeably softer, without the inflexibility of permanent straighteners.

KeraStraight acts as a temporary straightener lasting two to four months. It can be used on hair that is already coloured, permed or otherwise chemically enhanced. And you can still use chemical treatments after applying KeraStraight.

The product leaflet promises to “put an end” to unmanageable, frizzy, dry, dull, or damaged hair. With a head full of long, fairly dry hair, I was curious to learn how the product would benefit.

I visited Electric Salon to try it out. Lead stylist Mari Joyce, from Miami, and assistant Susan Herrman, from Germany, treated me to quality service and enthusiastic conversation about world trends while explaining the magic of KeraStraight.

The service began with a soothing hair wash. Onto the locks, Mari painted a  compound of keratin fortified by nanomolecules of 22 carat gold. “The more chemically treated your hair,” Mari said, “the better it works.”

Mari and Susan then used a flat iron to seal the treatment. The stylists secured most of my hair with clips and started the ironing process at the nape of the neck, moving section by section upward.

Unlike a perm, the process did not leave the room smelling like a recent eruption of Old Faithful Geyser. The treatment had a light fragrance. Indeed, the experience proved quite calming as the clamping of the iron took on a rhythmic pulse.

The ladies then dried my hair into straight sections. From start to finish, the process took about two hours.

KeraStraight is “not for special occasions,” Mari said, “but for all occasions”. Still, it’s hard to deny that the festive season offers the perfect excuse to indulge one’s self. Apart from taking your look a step up, the treatment also lessens the time it takes to get ready in the morning. For curly hair, you can expect the treatment to reduce curls by about 90%. Some movement will remain.

Once the treatment is in, you have to wait about three days before washing your hair. Electric Salon offers a complimentary wash-and-dry available a few days after the treatment.

I rarely apply product to my hair, and I often run onto the train without even having combed my post-showered hair. Perhaps I shouldn’t admit that, but let’s face it: everyone in Wokingham already knows. After the treatment, however, I did find that my usually coarse hair was much easier to untangle. And my partner commented that my hair had the body and shine of Jennifer Anniston’s. Fancy that! Or just plain fancy. Must be the gold.


  • KeraStraight starts at £150. For more information, visit http://www.electric-hair.com or phone Electric Salon on 0118 957 1010. KeraStraight should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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