Walking from Wokingham to Reading


I have just walked 12 miles, according to Google maps, so two miles tomorrow morning will hopefully seem like a nip to the loo. In terms of distance, that is.

I walked from Wokingham to Reading, including various deviations in either direction. Now I’m plonked out. But I thought it would be cool to highlight some of the neat sites I took in along the way. Wandering across Berkshire, I saw:

  • A small retro-looking plane, doing 360-degree turns in the sky
  • Birds of various species, also enjoying the freedom of flight
  • A 1980s A-Team style van
  • A Volkswagen bug with a butterfly painted on the back
  • Beautiful homes and quirky shops
  • A road called Fatherson
  • Another road, with a funkier name, which I can’t remember
  • Ominous sky, towering trees and flecks of rain
  • A rule, signposted in multiple locations, that photography is not allowed in the Oracle

Walking is great. It has few downsides, apart from requiring more time and energy than vehicular/train/plane travel. Iain, my partner, walks this route with frequency. I’m not saying I’m prepared to do that, but more power to him and anyone else with the strength and willpower to do this at 6am on weekdays.

The main issue with walking anywhere in the UK, however, is to do with the way drivers treat pedestrians. As in, I’m a driver. Me first. The end.

Rarely do drivers pause at the site of oncoming pedestrians where quieter roads meet busier roads. Surely they would pause if instead of being a person entering the road, I was an A-Team van? Or perhaps they would take umbrage with anything from the 1980s, so I shouldn’t be perturbed about being treated with less respect simply because my two-legged horsepower doesn’t always match that of a mule’s.

I don’t know. I’m from America, where pedestrians always have the right of way, by law. I’ve never taken a driver’s test in the UK. In which case, perhaps I’m not grasping the British understanding of rights of way. What do you think? Revellers, take my poll (fun!) or leave a comment (serious. Or seriously fun?).


About revelinreading

I'm here to share stories about life in Reading, Berkshire -- a lovely wee town in south-east England. Reading is located in the heart of the Thames Valley, a thriving area for regional and international commerce. In my blog, I'll talk about area news and developments. I'll also scout out some of the best spots for dining and entertainment. Let's get ready to revel in Reading!

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