Read Dating at Reading Library

Paddy McGuiness on Take Me Out

Paddy McGuiness on Take Me Out. Photo credit ITV

Well Revellers, Primark are now selling polka-dot bikinis and Tesco are pushing chocolate hearts and chicks faster than they can rid of their discount Christmas surplus. (Not that I’m complaining!)

Sure, it may seem a bit green to start feeling red. But who can hold back when there’s an entertaining date ahead — one which promises conflict, characters and a whole lot of hand-holding suspense?

Leave it to Reading Library to present “Read Dating”.

Read Dating, they say, is “like speed dating, but with literary attitude!” Most impressive.

Romeos and Juliets should come prepared with their best Shakespeare (or other preferred authors/works). Each person will have a couple of minutes to woo readers, one by one, to a book of choice. Round and round they will go, taking note of their most promising and persuasive matches.

Tempting offer? I should think so. Plus, the evening includes a prize for the reader who scores the most dates!

Event details:

  • Reading Central Library
  • Monday, 14 February 2011
  • From 7pm
  • Tickets are £4/£3 for library members
  • Tickets available from the ground floor counter at Central Library or by emailing

We can but hope this will be something like Take Me Out, and that Paddy McGuiness will turn up and say, “No likey, no writey! Learned reader, reveal yourself!”*

*Lame? Yes. Worth it? Most certainly!


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