Thanks to our Reading Revellers

Fozzie bear

Fozzie bear

Hello Revellers! This is just a quick post because we are quickly approaching bedtime, and you all need to get your snoozies!

A shine of appreciation goes to the following Revellers:

1.) My flatmate Ian, who went to many hours of generous time and labour to diagnose and repair my laptop. It needed a new hard drive, which he sussed and installed and then did all kinds of other magic to bring the thing back to life!  I’m now able to see things other than the danger zone when it launches. (I will find a way to link to him so anyone else who needs a friendly PC expert in Reading can go to a top-notch smart and resourceful fella.)

2.) My guy Iain, who lent me his personal laptop for more than a month to keep me sane and connected. Without this, I would not have been able to watch just about every episode of Dragons’ Den and Come Take Me Out! Nor would I have been able to turn my imaginary idea into a real project — this bloggee! I’d probably still be talking about it from the comfort of Wetherspoon’s. Incidentally, I suppose another thanks should go to Ernst & Young for making sure Iain has a work-from-home laptop to keep him occupied. Well done, everyone!

3.) Xander Marketing, who wins the prize for being this site’s first Twitter follower! High-five to wonderful Wokingham! “Wocka, wocka, wocka!” as Fozie bear would say.

Good night, Revellers! Go get your snoozies now!


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