Reading Between the Lines

Zofia and Patrice at Reading4U radio station

Zofia and Patrice at Reading4U radio station

The beauty of this post’s title is that it is stolen from a brilliant new radio show in Reading.

Reading Between the Lines is a local current affairs and politics show that airs on Reading4u. A friend of mine, Zofia Skrakowski, produces the show. It debuted this past Sunday from 12-2pm.

Another work colleague, Glenn Goodall, and I joined Zofia as guests on the programme. Glenn is a community councillor and I’m just an outspoken American!

Together, the three of us had a right good time of going through the weekly and Sunday press. Zofia’s idea is to discuss the headlines that take our fancy. We covered a new visa fast-track scheme, overcrowding on the Reading to Paddington trains and Reading’s bid to become a city, among other topics. (Not the least was Glenn’s brush with Hugh Grant while serving ice cream… You’ll have to get the full scoop off him!)

Glenn and Zofia

Glenn and Zofia

The show’s premise is smart: Explore a locally focused exchange of opinion and news, add a splash of Zofia-flavoured music from all eras.

Perhaps it was the opening song — a recent hit by Take That — or the closer — a classic Blood Sweat and Tears number — or maybe even the excellent bits of chat in the middle, who can say… but the show debuted as the No 2 most listened to show on Reading4U this week! (Just behind Readifolk and a notch ahead of Silver Surfers.)

Particularly for its size, Reading’s an exceptional place for media plurality. We have two newspapers that each produce two editions. We have a plethora of blogs and at least one dedicated lifestyle magazine, Berkshire Life. But nothing beats good ole fashioned radio, where anything can happen and anyone can have a say.


Reading4U... the stairs which lead to the glory.

Zofia will be looking to make merry with a variety of guests in future programmes. Rumour has it she’s preparing an education-focused show for this coming Sunday and that she will invite a Chronicle friend of mine, Maxwell Kusi-Obodum, who covers education in Reading. I can’t wait to check it out!

My fellow Reading radio fans, click here if you want to comment on the show, request a song, be a guest, or simply act like a Reading Reveller on live air! The show airs on 87.9 FM and is also streamed online from 12-2pm on Sundays.


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