£5 for 4 people to travel on Reading buses


Hello Revellers! It has been a while since I last posted but fear not, the Revelry continues! I’m simply at a loss for Internet since moving flats. Speaking of which…

I moved flats in Reading two weekends ago. Not having a car, I had to rely on the bus, and a trusty boyfriend who thankfully does not fear boxes nor panic. Both of these are guaranteed during  Moving Weekend.

We discovered that on weekends and holidays, up to 4 people can travel for £5 total on a day ticket. Free travel for boxes! That’s a pretty good deal since it usually costs £3.80 for one person to get a day bus ticket.

You really should check out Reading with one of these great passes. Can’t go wrong!


About revelinreading

I'm here to share stories about life in Reading, Berkshire -- a lovely wee town in south-east England. Reading is located in the heart of the Thames Valley, a thriving area for regional and international commerce. In my blog, I'll talk about area news and developments. I'll also scout out some of the best spots for dining and entertainment. Let's get ready to revel in Reading!

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