Free classical music tickets in Reading

Free stuff in Reading

Free stuff in Reading

Hey Revellers!

I know you enjoy a good revel, and where better place to get that than a classical music performance! That’s right… and it’s free! Who can resist free music concerts? You know you’re humming a happy tune just at the thought.

 Reading Library gets the free tickets, on random occasions. The best way to find out about the next opportunity is to join their email list. Or check back here! If you just can’t wait to get your hands on some free music tickets in Berks, check out the full range of arts events in Reading.

I recall seeing the magnificent London Philharmonic at The Hexagon here in Reading not long ago. Absolutely fantastic… don’t miss the occasion to be transported to the depths of someone else’s musical soul. Even if you can’t tell the difference between bass and brass, you’ll at least have the pleasure of feeling like a smartly dressed *penguin.

*Penguins ought to be able to keep quiet during performances, but it’s totally *cool if they just wear normal clothes.

*Get it? Cool! Totally. Although penguins probably prefer cold.


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