Reading Aquatics – the best fish in Berkshire


Next time you visit Prospect Park in Reading, you might as well tack on a trip to Reading Aquatics.

Reading Aquatics

Reading Aquatics

It is the best place to see funky neon-coloured fish from round the world. They’ve swum all the way to Reading Aquatics at the Meadway Centre, just along the road from Asda.

On a delightfully spontaneous weekend visit, we spied all manner of fish carrying along. Some looked blue, some looked yellow, others blue and yellow. Splashes, zigs and zags of orange, lime and 70s print dotted to and fro. 

Many glowed radiantly. 

Some fish swam in circles. Some sauntered along indifferently. Some peeked sideways with a dubious glance at the landed world.

Indeed, some looked to be fish out of water and that is because they were turtles. (These were Iain’s favourites.)

To meet your match in fish form, visit Reading Acquatics. It’s better than the zoo, and 13-year-old fish fanatic Jacob knows more about fish than most zookeepers know about hippos, hyenas and humans, combined!

Get your fish without the chips at Berkshire’s finest aquarium extraordinarium, Reading Aquatics:


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