The circus is coming to (Reading) town!

Circus in Reading

Circus in Reading

Lately, dare I admit it, I have gotten a wee tad fed up with things. One, it apparently takes up to 3 months to remove one’s details from The Smithsonian’s junk mail list. (Yay for the folk who keep their 19th Century mission as 19th Century as possible!) Two, slow walkers. (This is Iain’s contribution, and I agree!) We are fast-paced folk, we who dash along the Oxford Road, chasing after the wonderful priority that is daily stress!

Okay. Now that I have gotten all that nonsense out of my system, allow me to present some good news:

The circus is coming to town! (Reading, in specific.)

I’m going to be honest and tell you I can’t find many details on the net for Zippos Circus in Reading. I have only seen the signs about town. But it starts next Thursday and goes for a week. The first night is just 6 quid, I think, to be wowed by clowns and the opposite of frowns.

Big red nose alert — more circus in Reading info here.

I’d love to tell you that the Zippos site will allow you to book tickets as well, but their tickets link includes the following alt text: “We’re having a fiddle and’ll be back in a jiffy.” So sadly, I don’t think you can book tickets online, although perhaps you can partake in a fiddle with Yasmine and/or Phoenix.

Personally, I plan on going to the circus. I mean, really. It’s a bit like seeing the electronic Monopoly game costing half the price of the traditional Monopoly board at Tesco Reading West. Times are tough. Changes are fast. We all yearn a little for the good ole things of yesteryear. Perhaps that’s why “modern Monopoly” is selling for the bargain price of £7.45, down from £12.99, down from £29.99! 

I spent 45 minutes the other evening staring at the toys section in Tesco. I wanted everything on the shelf. I wanted not to face the adult world of redundancies, rent and rah rah run around.

These are glamourous times in which we live, times in which art and innovation are born from trial and necessity.

Meanwhile, monopoly awaits. No longer safely encased within shrink-wrap, my Monopoly set comes with a surfer, a baseball glove, a matador, an African mask, Russian dolls and an Inca guard*. Not to mention something about super tax and baseball, and Montreal being the most expensive city in the world.

At least it’s not Reading. Yet.


*Do you reckon we will get some combination of these characters at the circus next week?

There’s only one way to find out.

See Zippos Phoenix at:

From April 7th until 12th

Hills Meadow
George Street
Berkshire RG4 8DH

Click for location map


  • Thursday April 7: 7.30pm
  • Friday April 8: 5pm & 7.30pm
  • Saturday April 9: 3pm & 6pm
  • Sunday April 10: 11am, 3pm & 6pm
  • Monday April 11: 3pm & 6pm
  • Tuesday April 12: 3pm & 6pm 

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