Zippos Circus is in Reading!


The circus is in Reading!Zippos Circus in Reading And if you enjoy human contortions and limboing under fire — and what kind of Reveller would not? — then Reading’s circus is just for you.

I went along to Zippos Circus in Reading on its opening night. To be honest, I didn’t have particularly high expectations — certainly not half as high as the brilliant trapeeze artists who dared, dangled and dazzled.

Going off the Zippos Circus posters plastered about town, I thought it would be quite cheesy, and that’s really why I hopped along to Hills Meadow, George Street.

As it turns out, the show was fantastic (no cheese, unfortunately, although a good amount of goo sloshed about). I don’t want to plop too many circus spoilers here, for those of you who may still go along any night from now until April 12, so I’ll just hint at the delights of a circus event in Berkshire (disclaimer: this has nothing to do with Reading Borough Council).

Within that magnificent circus tent by the river, on a spring evening that was both warm and cool at once, Zippos Circus taught us what it is to be a traveling troupe of African acrobats, one of whom limbos beneath a flaming rod just a foot about the ground… 

Or why you should never visit a soda fountain surrounded by pails of mystery froth…

And how it is unnecessary to force elephants to do tricks when you have young Korean men willing to hop around whilst balancing large ceramic jars on their heads…

(Zippos Circus employs no animals, instead relying purely on the fabled yet glamorous circus freak of the human variety.)

The show got its gears turning with a whistle-tooting Zippo, the ringmaster. He was absolutely adorable and hilarious. As far as clown crushes go, he would definitely make the cover of OK! ZIPPO! magazine or similar.

The first half featured two liquid pink-suited contortionists tangling together in all kinds of inside-out poses. Of course there was also a juggler, who seemed stuck in warm-up mode at times, dropping a few tosses here and there. But then, I can hardly manage more than one bank account at a time, so I’m not really qualified to comment on anyone else’s juggling act.

Anyway, the show went on, as they say. All the acts performed with grace and smiles, and they all did their darndest not to drop any knives whilst unicycling up stairs.

The second half was even better… Although it dawns on me that I said I would not pull too many spoilers here, so I better leave the rest to Zippo and crew.

Don’t miss out on a great event which truly caters to all ages: young, younger and youngest.

Revel with your fellow Revellers before Zippo zips off from Berks…
Tickets and details for Zippos Circus here.
Zippos Circus in Reading
From April 7th until 12th
Hills Meadow
George Street
Berkshire RG4 8DH
Click for location map
Thursday April 7: 7.30pm
Friday April 8: 5pm & 7.30pm
Saturday April 9: 3pm & 6pm
Sunday April 10: 11am & 3pm & 6pm
Monday April 11: 3pm & 6pm
Tuesday April 12: 3pm & 6pm

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