Carters Steam Fair in Reading

Carters Steam Fair in Reading, Berks

Carters Steam Fair in Reading, Berks

Gorgeous Revellers in Reading,

The weather in Reading is beautiful and so are you. It’s a shame that Zippos circus must take down its tent in Reading, but let the good times continue with Liam Gallagher’s 1960s exhibit at Reading Town Museum and Carters Steam Fair in Reading later this month.

Carters Steam promises traction engine rallies and steam rally events in the heart of Berkshire. This is one of those traveling fun fairs featuring nothing less than a grand palace of entertainment, wall of death, box trucks and living wagons. What’s that, you ask? A living wagon? As a wee Kansas lassie I cannae say exactly… but visit the Carters Steam Fair website for more.

The site has a great description of “one man’s vision, inspired to collect vintage fairground rides before it became fashionable to do so…”

The organiser for Carters Steam Fairs writes:

It’s an arduous lifestyle, especially for the wives waiting for vans to be put in place, water to be plumbed in and generators to be switched when we arrive at a new site, bringing up a family in vintage living vans is not an easy task, the girls all get involved towing trailers and helping their husbands on a day to day basis.

On the positive side the lifestyle is never dull, we have companionship, camaraderie and independence, more excitement than the average soap opera and the satisfaction of knowing what fun we bring to families.

And Reading Borough Council adds:

Come along and admire the beautifully hand painted wagons, rides and attractions, as this traditional steam fair rolls into Prospect Park.

So there you have it. Wagons, rides and steam, all at Prospect Park. What more could you want? How about some Carters fun fair details…


Carters Steam Fair

  • Saturday 23 – Monday 25 April 2011
  • Open 12-10.30pm on Saturday and 12-9pm on Sunday and Monday
  • Prospect Park, Liebenrood Road, Reading, RG30 2ND

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