Water zorbing in Reading Central Swimming Pool

And now you can try zorbing on water at Reading Central Pool.
In zorbing, you bob in a ball, skimming the water. And now you can do zorbing in Reading every Sunday from 11am to noon and 2pm to 3pm. It’s just £3 for juniors and £5 for adults.

What is zorbing?

You just run, trip or lolly-dazy across the water, within the confines of a giant bubble.

The nature of the giant bubble and/or its operators ensures you do not float or fly away, somewhere in the Atlantic or down the River Kennet. That’s right — zorbing has also been spied along The Oracle Riverwalk!

Since the first time I saw someone water zorbing on Portobello Beach in Edinburgh, it has seemed like genuine fun.

I will let you know more about how to zorb if I give the zorbs a whirl. Hopefully so… and hopefully soon!

And don’t forget about Schweppe’s free swimming in Berkshire offer, good for all ages!

p.s. — For other cool family fun in Reading, check out my post about Carters Steam Fair happening later this month.

Zorbing in Reading Central Pool

The following info is from Reading Borough Council.

Zorbing Sessions – get into the giant ball and walk on the water! Have races with your friends or just enjoy rolling around in the ball. Don’t miss the first session!

More details about zorbing in Reading here: http://www.reading.gov.uk/leisureandculture/readingsportandleisure/centralswimmingpool/ and http://www.reading.gov.uk/leisureandculture/readingsportandleisure/centralswimmingpool/General.asp?id=SX9452-A7851F51


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  3. Hope you have a bat at zorbing soon! Try get some video 🙂
    We wrote a piece on what zorbing is (mainly about it being a huge hamster all for adults) but i like your explanation ‘the confines of a giant bubble!’ We may have to steal that sometime in the future. Feel free to link to the piece. http://www.goactivities.co.uk/activity-guide/adrenaline/zorbing

    BTW we also have so many activities near Reading like karting and paintballing and similar? Here is the link!


    We would welcome your thoughts on them on a piece if you get time to go take part in them 🙂

    Love, wwww.goactivities.co.uk xxx

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