How to survive a bridal shop sales day

Reading rainbow through the fence

Did anyone else see the rainbow over Reading last Friday? I captured this shot after the wedding fayre at the Reading Irish Centre.

Brides and their would-be equivalents are crazy. This is true. We’ve all seen it on telly, in the films, and perhaps we’ve met one or two in real life.

I didn’t actually plan on being like that… It just sort of happened! (This morning, aye.)

Perfection Bridal, located near Forbury Park in Reading, had a fantastic sale on today. For the past week, they had trumpeted the one-day-only-event with signs in the windows. I go past these windows everyday. Twice… to and fro work… and possibly a third time at lunch.

So when they displayed a totally bedazzling dress in one of the windows, it is hardly a stretch to say that the dress spoke to me.

Every day.

For the past week.

I made a spontaneous mid-week lunch date with this dress. And thankfully I had my good pal Candice present to assure me that my dress-divine instincts were spot on.

The dress was tagged with an extraordinary discount price that would only be available today, Sunday… it was otherwise nearly a thousand quid!

I mulled it over for the last few days and decided I would do the only sensible thing: Camp outside the shop for 48 hours to secure my place in the queue.

Doh! Just kidding. I may easily fall in love with dresses, but I am more easily drawn to a proper snooze!

I did manage to get myself up somewhat early today, and I made the dash into town. It really was a dash… I was motivated by the fear of someone else getting there just a minute before me and swiping the prize!

I scampered closer to the shop’s vicinity, at every turn expecting to see a herd of brides stampeding in front of me. Oddly, they did not appear. I got to the shop, about 20 minutes before its opening, and formed an orderly one-woman queue.

About 10 minutes later, another couple and their baby turned up. The woman gestured at the dress — my dress — and said to her man, “That’s the one.”

During one of my many visits into the shop this past week, one of the sales consultants told me that someone else had phoned about the dress and was securing the necessary funds from her boyfriend’s wallet.

Outside the shop, I had a veritable crisis of conscience on my mind. I texted this information to the fiance.

WHAT TO DO! I queried.

GO ON MY SON GET IN THERE, he replied, with fine Scottish assertion. 

So I did. Once the ‘closed’ sign flipped to ‘open’, I got in there.

“Could I just go ahead and get the one I tried on this week?” I asked innocently. And the shop assistant, a lovely lassie from Reading University, proceeded to pluck the frock off the feeble mannequin, who stood no chance against this American.

A minute later, I heard another sales consultant ask Bride No 2 how she could help, and the poor thing answered that someone was already getting the dress she wanted. The shop lady understood this to mean that another shop lady was producing the dress for her. 

Sadly this was not the case, however, because for the past two years I have been running after missed trains, walking up hills and dodging drivers to limber myself up for the speed-scuffle of Dress Day. That’s right, I got there first.

Misunderstandings revealed, the shop assistant apologetically suggested finding another one for Bride No 2.

I proceeded to give it one more try on… Because heck, why not? Incidentally, Ms No 2 plucked another from the rail, paid for it and left before I had even finished with the fitting. My partner-in-dress-hunt Candice informed me that the lassie’s wedding was in February. She seems to have lots of time compared to my own September countdown… That’s right. There’s less than 3 months to go for us, and we plan to swing it all in style.

As for the style of this much-in-demand dress, you’ll just have to wait to see me at the altar.


Read about another couple’s free wedding at Holiday Inn in Padworth!


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