Weddings at the Crowne Plaza Hotel: Will ours be (one of) the next?


Crowne Plaza Reading Hotel on the River KennetAs a wedding venue, the Crowne Plaza Reading has it all: a lovely piano, beautiful mahogany furnishings and a gorgeous view of the River Kennet and all those majestic swans.

It really does seem like the ideal Berkshire wedding venue… Which makes it all the more impressive that a couple can get excellent treatment and value with their Caversham Suite wedding package, costing just £2,011 on weekdays. The wedding promotion features:

  • A 3-course wedding breakfast (for my American friends, a wedding breakfast is technically a dinner)
  • Drinks
  • Disco and DJ
  • Evening buffet
  • Complimentary abode for the couple
  • Room hire during the day and night
  • Good times and memories galore!

You need only supply the bride and/or groom. In an ideal world I would also get a Scottie dog, and she would be one of my bridesmaids, but sadly I rent and therefore cannot give her the lawn she would deserve.  So it’s just one Scottie for now, and he’s usually busy studying accounting.

Nonetheless, we are looking forward to having an international affair, featuring a Scotsman at my side and my American compadres not far behind. Invites will also go to at least one Spaniard, a Frenchwoman, one or two English and a Brazilian… and we can all very much look forward to the presence of a South African bridesmaid, Candice, who starred in a recent episode at Perfection Bridal and Menswear.

Interestingly, the Crown Plaza Hotel in Reading was recently bought by a South Africa-based investment company, Redefine Hotels Reading. I trust that they will take good care of the hotel and time any changes around the bride’s wishes. Of course, right! Truthfully, the lovely plum and purple accents — and this include the carpet — have been a big draw. These touches take care of 75 per cent of the decorating, at least!

Before meeting with Crowne Plaza’s lovely wedding planner, Helena, I was a bit anxious about the hotel’s operational changes. But what has certainly impressed me so far is Helena’s attitude, which is shared by the team at this 4-star hotel: Whatever the request, they have a ‘yes’ mentality. As in, they say yes, and then they find out the request.

Isn’t that refreshing?

I know that might seem hokey, and perhaps it panders just a tad to the American within, but it wasn’t just her attitude: Helena was so relaxed, friendly and down to earth. Some wedding industry people adopt the ‘lost cousin’ sales approach and get artificially excited at the news of your wedding. Others forget your name, or never bother to ask. But Helena is cool, funny and reminds me of a pal I would want to hang out with.

If you’re lucky enough to have a few pals at your wedding, you’re even luckier to have one managing it.

Watch this space to see how our wonderful wedding in Reading unfolds… or click here to read more about Berkshire wedding happenings.


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  1. My friend Rachael and her husband Kees had their wedding there last September. Mark and I attended the evening event, and it was really very nice. The river right there makes for some great photos and just nice walking around. The staff was very friendly and the party room was lovely. 🙂

    Plus, the planner was so good that they were able to plan their ENTIRE wedding there, despite not even LIVING in Reading. In fact, they live in SWITZERLAND!

    So as far as I’m concerned, you’re definitely in for a treat if you use them. 🙂

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