Yell and Microsoft: Good news for Reading, Berkshire and beyond!


Lately Revellers I’ve spent far too much time planning my lovely wedding in Reading to spend much time blogging.

However you may have heard the good news from Yell Group, about the company’s plans to become a 75% digital company by 2015. (We are now 25% digital and 75% print).

I just wanted to express my enthusiasm at seeing two Reading-based companies, Yell and Microsoft, form a partnership with the potential to make us both stronger, and by that token, Reading as well. Pooling resources together makes sense not just in terms of competing online, but for the prospect of stimulating local economic growth and encouraging innovation.

Essentially, the Yell sales team will begin offering Microsoft cloud-computing solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses in the near future.

From the press release:

The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance combines the complementary strengths of Yahoo! and Microsoft to create a competitive choice in search with the scale to fuel sustained development. Both companies aim to ultimately enable searchers to find relevant results faster, and provide more value for advertisers and better results for web publishers.

That may sound like a bit of gobble-d-gook for you who just want to Revel in Reading without worrying about all the details. But from the perspective of one Reveller who not only wants to enjoy Reading but also form a lasting career path, I welcome the spirit of camaraderie.

Anyway, if you want to see me totally geek out about my job at Yellsites, based in lovely Berkshire, feel free to play the video at the top or view my official Yellsites video on YouTube here.


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  1. You are right Patrice, this is a very exciting opportunity for Yell and for everyone involved within the company. I look forward to seeing how the new eMarketplace develops and how we can help and involve ourselves. By the way, you speak very well in the video.

    • Haha! Thanks Candy! (By the way, Candy is a top-notch colleague of mine, co-librarian, future bridesmaid, and excellent African jewellery designer! The woman’s got skills. = )

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