Give blood in Reading: when, where and how (and why not now?)

The sun shines in Reading!

The sun shines in Reading! (Actually this picture was from my neighbour's yard in California, Scotland.)

Hello lovely Revellers,

Did you know that emergency blood supplies reach their lowest at summer?

That’s right. There’s a significant need for blood donors in Reading right about now. Why? Well, many donors contribute regularly, but they sometimes miss their slots during the summer due to holidays.  Therefore the regular blood supply runs low.

I learned this important bit of knowledge today at Greyfriar’s Church in Reading, where a super organised troop of nurses were running the donation session like a true machine.

They had collected between 100-120 units of blood during the day, and mine was among them.

I went along with a couple of other Yell pals. It had been several years since I donated. My fear was just a smidge, but to be honest the initial prick of the finger was worse than the actual needle.  

There are plenty more opportunities to donate blood in Berkshire and across the UK. They have a super handy system where you can register your time preference online. They then confirm your booking by email. It’s quite handy.

Loyal Revellers who care about the wellbeing of Reading can support the cause by registering for a Give Blood session.

There’s plenty of sessions ahead. Here are a few:

  Venue Next Date Distance
A Reading, Greyfriars Church
26 day(s)
22/7/2011 0.6 miles
B Lower Earley, Crescent Community Centre
22 day(s)
29/7/2011 3.1 miles
C Woodley, The Oakwood Centre
30 day(s)
3/8/2011 3.5 miles
D Caversham Park Primary School, The School Hall
5 day(s)
9/8/2011 2.8 miles
E Whitley, S Reading YC centre
9 day(s)
15/8/2011 1.7 miles
F Caversham, St Andrews Church Hall
8 day(s)
16/8/2011 1.5 miles
G Reading, St Andrews UR Church
9 day(s)
18/8/2011 1.3 miles
H Tilehurst, The Cornwell Centre
13 day(s)
31/8/2011 2.7 miles
I Tilehurst, St Michael’s Parish Hall
12 day(s)
12/9/2011 1.6 miles
J Shinfield, Parish hall
4 day(s)
30/9/2011 3.6 miles

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