Shame to see Tiffany’s go



Tiffany's at Broad Street Mall, Reading

Tiffany's at Broad Street Mall, Reading, is closing down. I will miss the beautiful dress displays!

There’s a real treasure inside the Broad Street Mall in Reading: Tiffany’s.

The shop is one of my favourites. When I used to work at Yell‘s Bridge Street office, I often cut through the mall to see which beautiful princess dresses twinkled in the window. They usually arrange them in colour themes, with the bright array of beaded purples being one of my particular favourites.

Unfortunately, their shop is closing on August 27. It’s a real shame. The ladies who work there are truly some of the most impressive, service-focused consultants I have come across. I went in yesterday and discovered a box of dress wraps. Being a bit indecisive about which ones to choose for my bridesmaids, I was extremely surprised and grateful when the owner said I could just take a spare one to sample against the fabric, and return it later. She didn’t need to do that. You will probably never find a High Street store willing to offer such kindness.

While I was there, another girl had tried on a dress. The owner happily agreed to keep it on reserve. She even suggested a discount for the purchase since the girl was also buying shoes. And then she went further to knock another fiver off the price because of a few loose beads. All of this was entirely voluntarily and came without request.

Where on earth do you find generosity like that?

I guess some people may look at that anecdote and assume that this goodwill could have something to do with why the shop is closing. I certainly hope not. Unfortunately, we’ve seen so many shops closing down in that area, from Life & Style just about a week ago to the home accessories shop around the corner.  In any case, I wish Tiffany’s all the best as they continue to maintain their sister shop in Southampton.

For those of you ladies (and perhaps the men as well) who fancy some bargain deals, be sure to check out Tiffany’s strappy diamante shoes from £4.99, handbags from £1.99 and wraps from £1.50. Bridal dresses and accessories are also available.

Click here to visit Tiffany’s website.


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