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I'm here to share stories about life in Reading, Berkshire -- a lovely wee town in south-east England. Reading is located in the heart of the Thames Valley, a thriving area for regional and international commerce. In my blog, I'll talk about area news and developments. I'll also scout out some of the best spots for dining and entertainment. Let's get ready to revel in Reading!

Cosmo Reading: restaurant review


Reading Cosmo: not your typical Chinese restaurant. Not even close

Cosmo Reading Restaurant Desserts Selection

From chocolate cake to cheesecake, the desserts selection at Reading Cosmo will keep you sweet!

If you ever head down Friar Street on a Saturday night (or practically any night, for that matter), and see a massive queue snaking outside the doors to Cosmo, you might first assume that dozens of clubbers have started their evening on the early side.

Truth is, they’re just waiting to get into Cosmo Restaurant, Reading’s finest destination for a buffet that features a vast selection of the world’s tastiest dishes.  Many of the selections come from Asian origins, but there is also a delectable Mexican taco bar, Italian pizzas, Indian savouries, the greenest salads and… my goodness… The Most Mouth-Watering, Meaning-of-LIfe-Answering, Satisfaction-Finding Dessert Bar One Could Ever Long For…

Or as Cosmo succinctly describe it: Pan Asian and World Banquet Dining.

Cosmo Restaurant: what’s on the menu?

What's your favourite food at Cosmo? I'm a sucker for the Indian curry selection at Cosmo Reading.

What’s your favourite food at Cosmo? I’m a sucker for the Indian curry selection at Cosmo Reading.

The live cooking includes:

  • Live cooking
  • Sushi
  • Dim sum
  • Indian tandoori & curry
  • Yakitori & robata grill
  • Teppanyaki
  • Asian carvery
  • Pizzeria
  • Global kitchen
  • Noodle & Wok bar
  • Asian deli
  • Seafood

Cosmo also has a banquet selection of starters, mains and desserts. Starters include soups, Beijing ribs and Malaysian squid. Mains range from crispy aromatic duck to Thai mussels and vegetable Singapore noodles. The dessert bar is simply amazing, but my favourite aspect is the chocolate fountain that flows endlessly at the front of the restaurant.

Check out a more expansive version of Cosmo’s sample menu here.

And did you know? If you order a soft drink, you can fill it up as much as you like, thanks to the bottomless soft drinks promotion at Reading Cosmo! There is also a nice selection of beers and wines.

The best thing about Cosmo is the attention to detail they have for the entire guest experience. You will find some of the most flavourful creations of any restaurant in Reading. My best advice is to initially sample in small portions, to take in a vast array of combinations. After all, you can always go back for more of what your palate prizes best. Read the rest of this entry


Shame to see Tiffany’s go



Tiffany's at Broad Street Mall, Reading

Tiffany's at Broad Street Mall, Reading, is closing down. I will miss the beautiful dress displays!

There’s a real treasure inside the Broad Street Mall in Reading: Tiffany’s.

The shop is one of my favourites. When I used to work at Yell‘s Bridge Street office, I often cut through the mall to see which beautiful princess dresses twinkled in the window. They usually arrange them in colour themes, with the bright array of beaded purples being one of my particular favourites.

Unfortunately, their shop is closing on August 27. Read the rest of this entry

Give blood in Reading: when, where and how (and why not now?)

The sun shines in Reading!

The sun shines in Reading! (Actually this picture was from my neighbour's yard in California, Scotland.)

Hello lovely Revellers,

Did you know that emergency blood supplies reach their lowest at summer?

That’s right. There’s a significant need for blood donors in Reading right about now. Why? Well, many donors contribute regularly, but they sometimes miss their slots during the summer due to holidays.  Therefore the regular blood supply runs low.

I learned this important bit of knowledge today at Greyfriar’s Church in Reading, where a super organised troop of nurses were running the donation session like a true machine. Read the rest of this entry

Yell and Microsoft: Good news for Reading, Berkshire and beyond!


Lately Revellers I’ve spent far too much time planning my lovely wedding in Reading to spend much time blogging.

However you may have heard the good news from Yell Group, about the company’s plans to become a 75% digital company by 2015. (We are now 25% digital and 75% print). Read the rest of this entry

My go at writing for The Guardian, from West Reading


The GuardianRevellers, hope you’re enjoying the rainy sunshine of summer in Reading!

As usual, I’ve been dabbling in 1,001 things under the sun. Today I thought I’d repost one of them. It was my entry to The Guardian’s International Development journalism contest. I didn’t make it to the finals, but congratulations to all who did. Next year I’ll make sure not to be finishing my entry at 11pm on deadline night!

Last year my entry on inclusive development made it onto the professionals’ longlist, and I had really hoped to do better this year for the chance to report on scene somewhere. Maybe next time! 

Anyway, here it is, a somewhat scraggly piece written for the category of post-emergency shelter: Read the rest of this entry

Feathery hat? Tick. Champagne picnic? Tick. It’s Henley Regatta time!

Beer in shades at The Harvester in Prospect Park, Reading

Well Revellers, you may recall my last post being about a 3-step self-help programme in Reading: Visit the pub, grab a drink, plummet gracefully to the Earth in a bungee jump.

Last Sunday, a portable bungee platform was set up near the smoking patio beside the Royal Albion pub on Oxford Road, Reading. Did you take part?

In any case, there’s a different human spectacle on this weekend. It’s the famous Henley Regatta in Henley-on-Thames, Berkshire, drawing world-champion rowers since 1839.

You can see the rowing for free along the public paths of the Thames or in the start enclosure, from what I have read. Throw on some shorts, pack a picnic and invite the bees if you’re feeling sweet and summery.

However, if you’ve already gone out and bought your silly hat, lounge suits, jackets and blazers — after all it is July and you will be outdoors in England, you never know if it could snow — then fear not! You can still rise above the bourgeoise and buy a spectators’ badge for one of the other enclosures, ranging from £15-£20.

The Henley Regatta site goes into courteous detail about how one should present one’s self on the day. I think they had to spell it out really clearly in case Kate turns up to another royal-level event wearing jeans and wellies again: Read the rest of this entry

Bungee jumping at the Royal Albion Pub in Reading? Why yes!


Royal Albion pub in ReadingThere are a few things one can do whilst at the pub:

  • “Drink!” (In the word of Father Jack)
  • Drink more
  • Get another drink, then go for a bungee (this Sunday, in specific)

That’s right: You can have your tipple, and then take a topple. It’s all rather triumphant-sounding, don’t you agree? Read the rest of this entry

Weddings at the Crowne Plaza Hotel: Will ours be (one of) the next?


Crowne Plaza Reading Hotel on the River KennetAs a wedding venue, the Crowne Plaza Reading has it all: a lovely piano, beautiful mahogany furnishings and a gorgeous view of the River Kennet and all those majestic swans.

It really does seem like the ideal Berkshire wedding venue… Which makes it all the more impressive that a couple can get excellent treatment and value with their Caversham Suite wedding package, costing just £2,011 on weekdays. Read the rest of this entry

How to survive a bridal shop sales day

Reading rainbow through the fence

Did anyone else see the rainbow over Reading last Friday? I captured this shot after the wedding fayre at the Reading Irish Centre.

Brides and their would-be equivalents are crazy. This is true. We’ve all seen it on telly, in the films, and perhaps we’ve met one or two in real life.

I didn’t actually plan on being like that… It just sort of happened! (This morning, aye.) Read the rest of this entry

Berkshire brides: Don’t miss the wedding fayre at Reading Irish Centre!


Wedding Fair at the Irish Centre in ReadingBrides and grooms in Reading… I have good news! There is a wedding fayre at the Reading Irish Centre on Thursday, 15th of June.

I’m so glad I just found it, even if it is just 23 hours away! (That’s better than being 23 hours in the past!)

There will be catwalks, cakes and craic, if we’re lucky!

You know, this won’t be the first wedding catwalk I’ve been to. Ah, there once was an exceptional day up in Edinburgh, at one of the fancy hotels on the Royal Mile. A few sips of bubbly and after the formal catwalk ended, I took to the stage and showed the stragglers how to really work it!

Read the rest of this entry