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Thor: The Beardiest Avenger


Editor’s note: This is the first film review featured on Revel in Reading! Guest author and chief Reveller Iain Burnside recently saw Thor at The Vue cinema (part of The Oracle shopping centre in Reading). A link to show times is below the review.

The superhero movie genre has become a familiar presence at the multiplex in recent times.  Over the past decade, starting with the first X-Men movie, Marvel Comics characters have amassed some three dozen feature films.  Another six will be released in the next couple of years, with many more in the pipeline.  Characters from other publishers, such as DC Comics and Dark Horse, are also being granted the big-screen adaptation treatment.  There is clearly a winning formula to these movies – the uncertain rookie hero discovering super-powers; the nefarious villain with a world-threatening scheme; the love interest whose survival is threatened by their conflict; the ubiquitous genre tropes of secret identity, costume and catchphrase.  All of which comes pre-packaged for Toys R Us shelves, fast food meal deals and a rockin’ soundtrack.

Thor does not fit into this mould.

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