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Yell, Day V Lately, and P is for Puffin, Page 474

Puffins in Reading

Puffins in Reading

Recently, my employer — Yell Group — invited employees in Berkshire and across the UK to submit a response to the following question:

If you could yell for anything for one day, what would it be and why?

Reading-based Yell are continuing their Day V Lately advertising campaign, in which a DJ seeks out his one-hit wonder by way of the great Yell machine doing its thing.

This contest plays on that theme, in the sense that whomever wins the contest gets VIP entry to a 90s ‘pop up’ shop in London next Thursday. You can trade music at the shop — vinyl, CDs, whatever. There will be 90s music dance lessons and other general cheese, plus a free trip to London with hotel and food included. (Free food? I am easily motivated!)

I submitted my entry today. On behalf of puffins everywhere, I hope you enjoy: Read the rest of this entry