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Yell and Microsoft: Good news for Reading, Berkshire and beyond!


Lately Revellers I’ve spent far too much time planning my lovely wedding in Reading to spend much time blogging.

However you may have heard the good news from Yell Group, about the company’s plans to become a 75% digital company by 2015. (We are now 25% digital and 75% print). Read the rest of this entry


Yell, Day V Lately, and P is for Puffin, Page 474

Puffins in Reading

Puffins in Reading

Recently, my employer — Yell Group — invited employees in Berkshire and across the UK to submit a response to the following question:

If you could yell for anything for one day, what would it be and why?

Reading-based Yell are continuing their Day V Lately advertising campaign, in which a DJ seeks out his one-hit wonder by way of the great Yell machine doing its thing.

This contest plays on that theme, in the sense that whomever wins the contest gets VIP entry to a 90s ‘pop up’ shop in London next Thursday. You can trade music at the shop — vinyl, CDs, whatever. There will be 90s music dance lessons and other general cheese, plus a free trip to London with hotel and food included. (Free food? I am easily motivated!)

I submitted my entry today. On behalf of puffins everywhere, I hope you enjoy: Read the rest of this entry