Bungee jumping at the Royal Albion Pub in Reading? Why yes!


Royal Albion pub in ReadingThere are a few things one can do whilst at the pub:

  • “Drink!” (In the word of Father Jack)
  • Drink more
  • Get another drink, then go for a bungee (this Sunday, in specific)

That’s right: You can have your tipple, and then take a topple. It’s all rather triumphant-sounding, don’t you agree?

The Royal Albion Pub, at 642 Oxford Road in west Reading, has been flaunting the “bungee jump” adventure for the last few weeks. Leave your inhibitions behind this Sunday, when all cords will let loose at this Coronation Street kind of pad. (I can’t really be sure about that reference — all I know is what I’ve seen from the road, based on the faces peering out.)

Please do not ask me whether people will be jumping from the roof or the lamppost. I do not even know if there is a trampoline waiting to catch them, should something funny happen.

All I know is that this activity has been touted on a neon-coloured paper for the last wee while, and that I shall endeavour to post a follow-up blog on Sunday night. (I did try to phone their Google Places number, but this does not appear to be working!.. Perhaps the phone cord is being used with the bungee?)

As Iain would say during a fierce bridal sale competition, “Go on my son, get in there!” And bring along some extra padding for your bottom, just in case. The Revellers will be game to know who’s the real Coronation Street and who’s just a bit of coronation chicken in this town!


If bungee jumping at the pub is not your thing, but you still fancy a pint in the sun, why not check out a recent post on The Harvester in Prospect Park?


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