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Hungering for something new in the South East? Warm up your tastebuds with a selection of restaurants in Reading and fine places to drink and dine in and around Berkshire.

Bungee jumping at the Royal Albion Pub in Reading? Why yes!


Royal Albion pub in ReadingThere are a few things one can do whilst at the pub:

  • “Drink!” (In the word of Father Jack)
  • Drink more
  • Get another drink, then go for a bungee (this Sunday, in specific)

That’s right: You can have your tipple, and then take a topple. It’s all rather triumphant-sounding, don’t you agree? Read the rest of this entry


Harvester in Reading: A sweet slice of summer at Prospect Park


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Not long ago, Iain and I were soaking up some sun at The Harvester in Reading. It was Easter Sunday, and elsewhere in the park, Carters Circus was adding a touch of 19th Century nostalgia to Berkshire.

Up at The Harvester restaurant on Liebenrood Road, Reading, Iain and I chose a fine picnic table from where we could watch children playing ball and the sun glisten on golden beer. I strolled across the lawn and caught a game of cricket in action. Read the rest of this entry

Reading Retail Awards


Revellers and shoppers take note: The Reading Retail Awards have returned!

Reading Retail Awards

Reading Retail Awards

Shop, enjoy, then nominate Berkshire’s best dining and shopping. Find out how here. Apparently you can even win 500 quid, according to various posters dotted about town. Read the rest of this entry

The best pizza in Reading comes in a box (and lumpy bumpy option)

Milano Pizza: home of the tasty lumpy bumpy and hanky panky

Milano Pizza: home of the tasty lumpy bumpy and hanky panky

Golly gee it has been a while since I’ve been on here! The last time I visited, I was in the fine and trusty Battle Library, Oxford Road, and they were closing in 5 minutes! Fastest blogging ever, that was.

Now I’m listening to some Bing Crosby and chillin’ out on a brown sofa. Nice.

As I’ve mentioned Oxford Road, perhaps now’s a good time to reminisce about the extraordinary pizza deal at Milano’s, 477 Oxford Road. For just 6.99, you can get any size pizza — and I do mean any size. Well, within pizza-box reason. And you can get up to four toppings! It’s fab. Plus, there’s a discount for ordering online. Pardon me, but I can’t remember if it’s 10 or 20 per cent. I reckon 10, to be safe.

Milano’s is more than just the best pizza in Reading, however. Read the rest of this entry

Going Italian at the Pheasant Inn in Winnersh


The Refectory at the Pheasant Inn in Winnersh prepares lovely Italian food.

When Roberto and Luana moved to Winnersh, they didn’t just want to cook satisfying Italian food. They wanted also to restore a welcoming environment to the Pheasant Inn — a restaurant, pub and hotel that had become blighted by a rough reputation.

Roberto told me of his experiences eating and cooking in Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. He trained in Paris and has worked in Chicago, London and elsewhere.

In Winnersh, just a few miles outside Reading, the duo deliver a passion for service and high-class gastronomy steeped in Tuscan flavour. He prepares the mains, she creates the desserts.

The pub may still look like a pub, but the dining experience transports you to the heart of Italy (and a bit of Britain, if you wish).

My boyfriend Iain and I started with fresh olives marinated in herbs and chili. Iain next enjoyed a delicious goat’s cheese tartlet. Baked butternut squash, leek, sun dried tomatoes and a tomato bruschetta salad accompanied.

I revelled in a Rome-style bruschetta. The brushetta featured grilled homemade sourdough bread with tomatoes, garlic, basil pesto, spring onions and extra virgin olive oil.

For my main, I had sirloin steak and chips. The succulent meat came with roasted vegetables, triple-cooked chips and

Pheasant Inn main courses

Selection of main courses at the Pheasant Inn in Winnersh

 baked onions infused with honey and black pepper. Roberto prepares a choice of fine sauces: red wine and port reduction with blue cheese Gorgonzola dolce or creamy green pepper and cognac. From sauce to steak, the flavours balanced one another for a decadent dining experience.

Iain enjoyed asparagus and cheese ravioli. Topped with fresh basil and tomato sauce, the homemade pasta revealed an impressively soft and rich taste so good it could shelve store-bought pasta any day.

For a sweet ending to an evening of sweet service, Iain chose Amaretto Tiramisu, a finger biscuit with amaretto and coffee, mascarpone cheese and chocolate. I had a caramelized lemon Bakewell tart – smooth, sour and sweet, and at all the right levels.


glo restaurant – a spicy fusion of East and West, drink and cuisine

chili martini at glo restaurant

chili martini at glo

Venture into glo – a world of culinary fusion – and try a sagatiba shooter or Thai martini to complement the dynamic varieties of Anglo and Asian food on offer.

A sagatiba shooter – a tequila slammer alternative, in which you dip a strawberry into the spirit and coat it in sugar and cinnamon or chilli – will do more than warm your spirits. And a Thai martini – dressed with a red-hot chilli on the rim – will set your sights on next year’s holiday, which, as it turns out, may only need be to Reading town centre, where you can try either creation, or a list of many more.

Read the rest of this entry

Beefing it up at Southcote Beefeater


Three months after a refurbishment, the Southcote Beefeater is on fire with a fresh-look interior. New tables and carpet have been added, and pictures of roaring flames sizzle on the walls. Signature booths and rustic wooden beams are among the features that have been retained.

The owners are pleased – and so they should be. Following the refurbishment, trade has increased as more customers call in for trademark chargrilled meals and other favourites. Read the rest of this entry

Revel in Reading


I’m here to share stories about life in Reading, Berkshire — a British town that borders on becoming a city. It’s an exciting new direction, and one which I will attempt to follow throughout this blog.

Reading is located in the heart of the Thames Valley, a thriving area for regional and international commerce. In my blog, I’ll talk about area news and developments. I’ll also review some of the best spots for dining and entertainment. And I’ll let you know about cool, fun and free stuff to do in Reading and Berkshire!

By the way, I’m an American girl, you see, so I’ll do my best to tell these stories with a bit of twang when possible.

Let’s get ready to revel in Reading!